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Areas of Expertise

Marine Facilities

Westmar's project experience encompasses a large range of facilities including port and terminal infrastructure, marinas and small craft harbours, breakwaters and foreshore infrastructure. Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of marine infrastructure, including seismic design, foundations and structures in difficult ground conditions, rehabilitation work, project economics and construction management. Their expertise has been applied to all types of maritime and offshore structures, including concrete caissons, pile and deck structures, buildings and industrial structures, dredging programs and sheet pile structures.

Bulk Materials Handling

Our experts have delivered project services and engineering support in all corners of the globe, including large capital projects in Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia, South America, UK, South Africa and the Middle East. Our materials handling expertise has been applied to a wide variety of projects including mines, marine import and export terminals, transshipment facilities, process plants and storage facilities. Our project experience encompasses a large number of material types including: aggregates, alumina, coal, grains, dry and liquid sulphur, potash, oil, glycol, coke, phosrock, cement, iron ore and mineral concentrates.

Ports & Terminals

WESTMAR ADVISORS provides port and terminal planning and advisory services for all types of terminals, including container, bulk, breakbulk, ro-ro and cruise terminals. Our expertise has been applied to a variety of terminal locations ranging from regions with high levels of maritime traffic and strict regulatory regimes to remote sites that have little or no infrastructure and face harsh environmental conditions. We provide tailored services, helping client's meet increasingly stringent regulatory and social requirements. Our projects include greenfield sites as well as redevelopment of existing terminals.

Industrial Facilities

Our Industrial experience covers a wide variety of facilities spanning a range of industries. These include warehouses and storage buildings, process and materials handling structures as well as tanks and other liquids handling infrastructure. WESTMAR ADVISORS' people have applied their expertise to a wide range of facilities including breakbulk and bulk storage, oil and gas, mining, energy, and pulp and paper.

Resource Development

From mining through to renewable energy, whatever the resource, Westmar supports its development by providing advice and services to help clients understand the economic and operational dynamics of their project. We help our clients build the business case, evaluate their approach, and formulate the strategy to successfully execute resource developments. Our services have supported a wide range of resource developments including metal and mineral mining operations, midsteam and downstream oil and gas developments, and renewable energy developments including tidal energy and biofuels.

Maritime Operations

Our expertise in marine facilities and port operations is supported by broad experience covering a wide range of maritime operations in challenging coastal environments. Safe, efficient, and cost-effective maritime operations are critical to the success of projects that involve marine infrastructure and to the communities that support them. Westmar has supported a range of stakeholders in the assessment, planning, and development of maritime operations in conditions ranging from rugged, isolated shipping routes to congested, heavily developed harbours in metropolitan areas. From wave modelling and vessel dynamics to risk assessment and route selection, we help clients find the solution they need.

Site Development

Westmar people have provided all manner of advisory and engineering services in site development for industrial, commercial, municipal, and public service clientele. We help clients find the right site or develop solutions to overcome challenges with site conditions. Our expertise can help clients optimize facility layouts and designs to take advantage of site characteristics or overcome limitations imposed by them. Our people have comprehensive experience and understanding of the regulatory aspects of site development as well as applied expertise in stakeholder engagement.

Public Infrastructure

Public infrastructure is critical to both social and industrial development. Our expertise covers both the technical and non-technical aspects of public infrastructure such as bridges, public transport including rail and ferries, structures of all types, and public works including breakwaters and shore protection. We have extensive experience providing a full suite of advisory and consulting engineering services to clients ranging from government agencies through to municipalities and private corporations. Our projects have included ferry terminals, bridges, residential site development, water management infrastructure, and remediation of former industrial sites.